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What is a Bath Bomb?
A combination of dry ingredients primary made from Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. Essential oils, fragrance, body butters, and dyes can be added to create a visually appealing reaction in the water. Bath Bombs are placed inside a bath tub full of water and a fizzing reaction will occur as it dissolves. A bath bomb will dissolve over a few minutes.

LuxeFizz Bath Bombs are:
Handmade in Canada
Never Tested on Animals
SLS Free
Cruelty FreeMade with High quality FD&C Dyes
Packaged with a biodegradable packing peanuts 

LuxeFizz Bath Bombs Do Nots:
Do not use in the shower. Intended only for use in a Bath Tub
Do not eat
Do not inhale powders
Do not continue with use if irritation occurs
Due to the high pigmentation of some of our bath bombs do not place on clothing, towels etc as it has the possibility to stain. The Bath Bombs have not been tested on fabrics.

Read ingredient list prior to use if you have allergies. Some products contain Sweet Almond Oil*

How long can I keep a bath bomb before using?

Place your bath bombs in an airtight container or a ziplock bag. This helps to protect the bath bomb from: moisture, losing its scent, not reacting well in water or drying out.

Proper clean up after using a Bath Bomb?

While our bath bombs wont stain or leave a ring around your tub. It is best to rinse down your tub after use as there may be some glitter and residue.